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Puff’s first Easter egg! Chickens are so awesome.


This edible coffee cup is dipped in chocolate
Clever coffee shop delivers an edible coffee cup that solves the packaging problem and looks good too.

Mmmm … This looks awesome!

Is it wrong to feed the chickens chicken nuggets?

Spotted these on the kids’ way to school.

Backyard finds. And, no, we didn’t give the caterpillar to the chickens!

Obsessed a little? Yes! Maybe I should write a story about chickens …


"…she didn’t talk to me for a week, and that was the worst week of…"
“…I mean like if you look at Bill Gates right…”
“…mostly in a parking lot screaming…”
“…like it had one [unintelligible] in my body…”
“…did you not notice the NOT WALK sign!?”
“…[language I do not speak, likely Spanish]…”


The awkward stage.

Happy Fourth!

Chillin’ in the reinforced chicken fortress.